Safari Anticosti Resort is a 4 star “all season and all inclusive resort.”

Safari lodge Rates and Services

RATES 2015-2016


Daily rate: $1100.00 CDN per guest

 What is included in your stay at Safari lodge?

  • Enjoy high quality French cuisine prepared by our professional chef. (All meals etc.)
  • All wines (of selected good quality) with meals including alcohol and beer of standard brands.   (Specialty brands can be ordered for you.)
  • Any travel on the island. (limited to our territory of 800 square miles)
  • Salmon River private airport aircraft parking and client pick up.
  • Any seasonal outdoor activity with required equipment. (See seasonal listings)
  • Professional guiding services for all activities.


The Safari lodge Accommodations.

The bedrooms at the lodge are offered in single or double occupancy. They all have their own bathroom facilities.

Single occupancy limit: 12 people

Double occupancy limit: 18 people (we suggest a maximum of 14 clients for our main dining table settings.)

Safari Chalet occupancy: 3 single or 6 clients in double occupancy. This chalet is situated right beside the lodge. Guests eat and socialize in the main lodge.

Seasonal periods and activities


The summer periods: mid-May to August 31st.

Available activities: (always weather permitting)

  • Power Boat coastal excursions (Fresh Lobster and crab feast picnics)
  • Fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon or sea run trout. (3 private Salmon Rivers)
  • ATV (Bombardier 4×4) tour of the island and rally. (Single driver)
  • Sea kayaking with wildlife photography.
  • Visits of some of the islands highlights. (Table head, Vaureal Falls etc.) By trekking or by comfortable four by four vehicles.
  • Tennis
  • Meeting and business facility.

The fall periods: August 31st to December 2nd.

  • Salmon and trout fishing closes on September 15th.
  • White-tailed deer hunting available from August 15 to December 2.
  • Boat excursions to continue with weather permitting.
  • Continuing visits of the islands highlights by pick up tucks or bombardier ATV’s.
  • Tennis
  • Meeting and business facility.

The winter periods: January 5th to March 30

  • Snow mobile tours (single driver)
  • Snow shoe and cross country skiing treks.
  • Wildlife photography
  • Our special culinary festival with incredible menus.
  • Meeting and business facility.

What is not included?

  • Travel to Anticosti island-Salmon River airport.
  • Hunting and fishing licences. ( if required )
  • Any specialty brands of alcohol and wines. (Our included wine selection ranges from $25.00 to $35.00. per bottle. We also include Canadian whiskeys, Johnnie Walker scotch, Smirnoff vodka, sparkling wines, and Quebec brand beer, Cognac, Grand Marnier etc. (the list of included spirits can be requested and adjusted to your tastes.)
  • Jet fuel at the airport (we are set up for fuelling aircraft and Jet A is available on request.)
  • A massage therapist is also available on request. ( a la carte )
  • Any taxes.